Comicpalooza 2024

I know. I'm usually quiet to begin with, but then I went dead silent after the COVID lockdown. Why? As far as I know, lockdown has ended Wordfest. It has also forced me to convert my face-to-face classes into online classes. Then, my workplace forced me to convert my Blackboard classes into Canvas classes. Then, just when I thought I could get back to my writing life, ChatGPT and a host of similar AI programs happened, and I have to redo a bunch of lessons to accommodate the change. (Can you believe I had a student use AI to reply to a Discussion Board assignment that was merely asking how he was doing? The dependency is frightening!) Anyway, I haven't given up on my writing life. I still do a little bit whenever I get the chance, and now there's finally something worth blogging about! I have been invited to be a panelist on the literature track at Comicpalooza 2024 ! Comicpalooza is a large annual, multi-genre, comic book, science fiction, anime, gaming, and pop culture c

Immersion Speculative Fiction Anthology Book Readings, Indie Author Day 2020

A video of my first virtual reading is available now. Virtually reading with my slideshow was a little trickier than I thought, especially as I unexpectedly ended up going first. Other authors published in the Immersion anthology also read in the video. You can view it here: Enjoy!

WORDfest 4.0 Canceled

Cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Therefore, the WORD team and I feel it is best to cancel WORDfest this year. (Ugh, 2020 is rough!)

Writers' Retreats in Greece

I just got back from a writer residency in Greece. Relaxing, healing, informative, and inspiring, it was absolutely what I needed! My full review is posted here.

Memory Lane

I was digging into my past while applying for writer residencies and came upon someone's blog with pictures from my first book launch: Oh, the sweet memories!

"A Debate Over the Hopping Undead" is now available!

My short story, "A Debate Over the Hopping Undead," is now available in the anthology Immersion ! Please buy, enjoy, and share the news!

My Facebook Author Page

You can now like, follow, and share my author page on Facebook!